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Metering and Monitoring

Real time information is critical in metering and monitoring markets. The introduction of remote data collection in Electricity, Water and Gas is now established. With environmental change, flood prevention is one key application where landlines may not just be a more expensive option but no option.

In factories, machinery is now being connected by short range wireless data networks such as Zigbee and Bluetooth. Control and usage information can be collected and new updates or product information downloaded.

In the office hired and leased equipment is increasingly popular - Photocopiers, air conditioning units and franking machines being the most obvious examples. Collecting usage information can support accurate billing and timely maintenance. By using Location Services asset tracking and serviceability is possible without having to implement expensive GPRS options. It can even mean disabling features or facilities due to customer default.

Local, regional or global asset monitoring can also be provided with LCC’s Vizion – monitor and control web portal.