24V / 80kJ Bus Heavy Duty Ultra Capacitor

Ultra capacitors improve the reliability of a vehicle’s starting and electrical systems. Used in parallel with a vehicle’s batteries, the StartSentry assists a starting battery on every start. It can also be configured to remove transient stresses from a vehicle's electrical system and therefore improve battery life with potential fuel savings. 

MVBCE Battery Monitor

MBVCE is a Stand Alone Battery Monitor using proprietary MBBM® (Model Based Battery Monitoring) algorithm to determine the SOH (State-of-Health) and SOC (State-of-Charge) of a vehicle’s auxiliary batteries. The Low SOC Disconnect option can send a discrete signal to open a bistable contactor if the SOC lowers to a chosen value. It then isolates the starter batteries for a future sure start. SOH and SOC values are communicated via SAE J1939 CAN protocols.