Globalis SA

Our telemetry partner (Globalis SA) is a provider of technology solutions in software development. The Globalis and LCC team has extensive experience in telemetry, originally providing vital monitoring and control of facilities within the oil industry. LCC Communications is now a European partner with Globalis, providing high quality, standard and bespoke telemetry solutions aimed at (but not limited to) the commercial vehicle market. Our solutions focussed around a process of monitoring and controlling anything anywhere using LCC connectivity and Globalis technology. Globalis SA is an ISO9001:2008 accredited company.

Battery Equalizer

The Vanner VANN-Guard Battery Equalizer is an efficient and highly reliable method of obtaining a 12 volt DC power source from a 24 volt DC electrical system. The VANN-Guard makes the batteries look like they are in series and parallel at the same time. In addition to providing regulated 12 volt power, the system ensures that battery voltages remain equal which significantly extends battery life.