Vanner Inc.

LCC Communications operates as a European commercial and technical partner of Vanner providing high quality, responsive and economic electronics solutions to the commercial vehicle industry. Vanner have been delivering engineering excellence in power conversion and transformation in the commercial and industrial automotive market since 1977. They are a leader in automotive power electronics Vanner designs and delivers, patented, high quality, cost-effective and environmentally responsible products and services around the world.  Vanner is an ISO9001:2008 quality assured and accredited company.

The Zemo Partnership -  Accelerating Transport to Zero Emissions

LCC is a proud member if the Zemo partnership.

The Zemo Partnership are a not-for-profit, independent partnership, jointly funded by government and members, whose breadth of backgrounds and perspectives make it unique by....

  • Existing as a collaborative, bringing together government, industry, NGOs, experts and the widest range of key stakeholders at the highest levels, with a shared vision of accelerating transport to zero emissions.
  • Shaping government policy, regulation and initiatives, influence business strategy and provide information and advice to those working to reduce emissions, improve air quality, and combat climate change through cleaner mobility.
  • Active since 2003 as the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, playing a pivotal role successfully delivering the UK’s low emission transport targets.

On 18 February 2021, acutely aware of the growing climate emergency and that ‘low’ is now not enough, the organisation relaunched as Zemo Partnership, embracing a bold new chapter and the need for accelerated change to zero emissions. From personal transport to freight, fleet and fuels, we are determined to create a shift in the way people think about mobility — and steer them towards a future of zero emissions, sustainable transport that’s better for all.