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LCC is a fast-growing independent UK supplier of cost-effective services and bespoke unified business communications solutions to SME, mid-market and corporate businesses. Since 1996, We have built a first class reputation, based on reliability, simplicity and the highest standards of customer care.

Our advisors know you need a hassle-free reliable service and will listen to all your business requirements before recommending the most appropriate solutions from LCC’s extensive and flexible product portfolio.

Our products have been designed to ensure a perfect fit for your business now and in the future, empowering you to consolidate to one supplier and one point of contact for all your voice and data service requirements. LCC's unique knowledge and expertise, combined with innovative, cutting-edge technology, brings proven results.

LCC -  A Business Partner Plus

Although LCC have customers nationwide and beyond. We are passionate about our roots and our region. LCC has been an active constituent of the local regional business community in the North East, as well as being a business partner with our football team. We diifferentiate ourselves on Speed, Convenience, Choice, Technology Edge, Service, Quality, Competitive Pricing and Value Added Services. We keep businesses in business by providing telecommunications and automotive electronic solutions in the most reliable and economical way.



LCC Communications Ltd is a family run company providing tailored communication solutions to businesses across the UK. The purpose of our company is to keep your business in business. We do this by providing voice, data and power electronics solutions in the most reliable and economic way.


View our Flipboard Magazine here. Flipboard is an award winning online social magazine used by millions of people everyday.

LCC maintains our magazine informing and entertaining our audience and customers on subjects that we think are relevant and interesting in the area of communications. Please let us know if there are subjects you would like us to cover.